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Application Packaging
Whichever systems management tool is used within your environment, the quality of packaging is pivotal to successful software deployment.
The risk associated with NOT having conflict-free packaging is directly related to failure in receiving the benefits of the management tools. Deploy Solutions offers a high-quality, highly competitive packaging service to meet the needs of both large and small businesses alike.
We offer both on-site and off-site services. Software that is packaged
off-site is tested in our lab before being made available via our portal.
A consultant can be provided to assist you with deployment if required. Alternatively one or more of our consultants can be provided onsite to package, test and assist in deployment and ongoing support.

Desktop Deployment
The purchase and deployment of new computers within an organisation can account for a substantial part of the company's IT budget each year. Businesses that have standardised their computers and desktop build have made significant savings on deployment and ongoing maintenance as less effort is required to support a standard desktop build.
Deploy Solutions can help achieve cost savings by improving existing desktop build, deployment and maintenance methods. By using various automation tools and imaging techniques we can significantly reduce the time you spend deploying and maintaining computers.

Remote Desktop
A Remote Desktop can provide a cost effective alternative to upgrading computers within an organisation when a new or updated application has increased system requirements. Instead the application can be run on the server and accessed via a Remote Desktop session.
Deploy Solutions can assist in the design, implementation and support of a portal or terminal server solution.