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Our Customers

British American Tobacco
British American Tobacco were deploying a new desktop to their estate.
They faced the challenge of repackaging all of their existing applications
in readiness for the deployment of the new desktop.
Deploy Solutions helped achieve this by working with the in-house packaging team to optimise their packaging techniques and developing
a set of tools to manage software deployment.

British Telecom
British Telecom were challenged with the task of deploying an updated remote access solution to their existing estate of home/remote workers.
This task was further complicated as the estate consisted of multiple desktop builds using different remote access software.
Deploy Solutions helped achieve this by developing a custom installer that identified the desktop build and adapted the installation accordingly.
Our consultant also developed various tools & utilities to complement
the remote access solution and assist with technical support.

Syntegra faced the challenge of deploying a new desktop to their estate. Deploy Solutions helped them achieve this on time and within budget by developing an automated desktop build and software delivery solution designed to meet their needs and integrate with existing infrastructure.
To assist with migration and speed deployment of the new desktop our consultant developed a web portal for access to legacy applications.
This negated the need to repackage applications with a limited life.